Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Saint Goes On by Leslie Charteris (1934)

This book consists of three novellas.

The High Fence - Chief Inspector Teal has a new protege: recent graduate and know-it-all Junior Inspector Desmond Pryke - whose academic experience (only) about police methods annoys both Teal and Simon Templar. Jewel thief Johnny Anworth sends off a jewel grab to a fence only known as the “High Fence”, and is promptly picked up. He is poisoned while in his holding cell and dies. Teal next finds thief Sunny Jim Fasson, and while apprehending him, Fasson is shot before Teal’s eyes. When Teal returns from trying to chase the killer, Fasson’s body is gone - with Simon Templar sitting in the spot. Teal and The Saint team up to identify and bring the High Fence to justice. Patricia Holm has a cameo appearance.

The Elusive Ellshaw - Florence Ellshaw appeals to The Saint to help bring her husband home. He ran off a year ago, and she has recently found where he is staying. The Saint looks him up, and Florence is found dead in the Thames, and a bomb placed in Simon’s apartment. Inspector Teal is interested - an identical bomb was found in the home of Lord Ripwell. Teal and Simon take a look around and find Ellshaw on the grounds; but no connection between Ellshaw and Ripwell is evident. 

The Frightened Innkeeper - Simon receives a letter from innkeeper’s niece Julia Trafford, appealing for help as her uncle is acting strangely and there seem to be intruders about their inn. Simon and Hoppy Uniatz check in to the inn to observe and figure out what the bad guys are up to.

Review: The novella length fits The Saint well, and fits a bedtime reading schedule well also. In High Fence and Elusive Ellshaw, Simon and Teal team up to good effect. Patricia Holm has a brief appearance in High Fence.  Hoppy Uniatz is at his best in Frightened Innkeeper, which takes a surprise turn - all evidence pointed to a seaside smuggling ring, but that is not what occurs. 

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