Saturday, February 20, 2021

Lab Report 1: Sorting Blogger Labels

Sorting Blogger Labels

Perhaps you are using Blogger labels to organize your authors. You probably have noticed it is not easy to have the author names sorted by last name in your label list. Entering your labels like this:

Anthony Berkeley
Agatha Christie

results in this, sorted alphabetically, left-to-right:

Which is not too satisfactory, as people automatically look for authors by last name order; and Anthony Berkeley should come before Agatha Christie. We can't use a format of Lastname (comma) Firstname because Blogger specifies commas as label separators. So if you try to enter them as Lastname (comma) Firstname:

Berkeley, Anthony
Christie, Agatha

Blogger thinks those are four separate labels, and you get something like this:

So the way to deal with this is to use a semicolon instead of a comma, in this format: Lastname (semicolon) Firstname. Blogger treats a semicolon as any other character.

Berkeley; Anthony
Christie; Agatha

results in proper sorting by last name:

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