Saturday, May 15, 2021

The Railway Detective by Edward Marston (2004)


Sorry, no review (read while away on vacation)  

About the author: Edward Marston is a pseudonym of Keith Miles.

Major characters:

Caleb Andrews, locomotive driver
Madeleine Andrews, his daughter
Frank Pike, locomotive fireman

William Ings
Polly Roach, doxy (prostitute)
Kate Piercey, doxy 
Daniel Slender, locksmith
Arthur Jukes, crook
Vernon and Harry Seymour, crooks
Sir Humphrey Gilzean, MP (Member of Parliament)

Superintendent Edward Tallis
Inspector Robert Colbeck
Sergeant Victor Leeming

Locale: England

Synopsis: Locomotive driver Caleb Andrews and fireman Frank Pike are driving a train with a cash shipment and a mail shipment. They are flagged down by crooks disguised as railway police. When they stop, the train is robbed. Caleb is seriously hurt in the process. Frank is forced to restart the locomotive and run it into a sabotaged piece of track, derailing it.

Inspector Robert Colbeck visits Caleb, and is enchanted by his daughter, Madeleine Andrews. 


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